About US

Founded in 2020 in the Gulf region, ALMOUJ SHIPPING is the result of more than 55 years of experience in the maritime industry. AMS has now expanded its expertise to include the repair, operation and maintenance of offshore rigs, risers, boat moorings and jackets. Vessels owned and operated by AMS include DSV, FSOV, ASD Tug and Utility Boats. The combined flexibility of these vessels allows customers to operate smoothly. AMS HQ is based in Dubai, with the area of operation covering all countries in the PG area as well as SOO. The most recent deployment was in the Red Sea for an Egyptian EPC. The shallow water capabilities of our fleet have significantly helped the contractors in carrying out their repairs.

Some of the capabilities of AMS are:

* Shallow water operations
* Provisioning and procurement
* Procurement
* Maintenance and operations
* Crew transfer
* Commercial diving services

In addition to vessel ownership, AlMouj is also well versed in offshore investment, project management, crewing of offshore vessels, equipping vessels with agency supplies and bunkering in ports/STS.